Biography of Mark Begeleman

Mark Begeleman, has been a CFO who created Pizza chains, a business entrepreneur and a Mars Musician. He was also the owner of mark Belgelman studios. Apart from being the boss of the business, he was an astute guitar player as well as having a top notch in recording of studio situated in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Mark founded a company which is referred to as Mars Music before beginning the job of purchasing 5-store, which is an Ace store chain in Florida.

Mark & his Venture

Mark decided to venture into this business after experiencing dissatisfaction with his own shopping experience in the music store. To being with, he opted for creation of a super store chain which is based in Fort Lauderdale (Florida). MARS, which is an acronym of: music and recording super store, has reached its peak after being consistent with 49 stores distributed in 20 states. This became the last company of its own type in the United States. But, the firm collapsed in 2002 because of strenuous struggle in order to raise additional capital. The failed reorganization and over expansion attempt were the major factors which resulted in the collapsing of the company. 

After that incident, mark became frustrated with the shopping experience. He was further motivated by lack of competent store personnel, limited product selection and lack of appropriate pricing. Because of the limitations, he made a decision to begin Mars Music with his 10 million dollars. Both the equipment and instruments had recording studio, practicing room and performance stage. 

In addition to that, the firm comprises of a learning centre suitable for instrument lessons for teaching of one person and groups. Moreover, there are other options such as early childhood music, babies make music and weekend warriors. The Mars music was the largest provider of private music lessons in the US. In 2002, the company was declared bankrupt after filing chapter 7(bankruptcy) in November, the year 2002. Some of the renowned artists who went through marks studio include: Queensryche and Rick Springfield. 

Here is a video Mark created in honor of Rick Springfield seen here: Mark Begelman Video

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